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谢谢 2018年6月19日

Appeal letter

My name is Ma Yongtian, a resident of Jilin Province in China. Now living in New York, USA.

In 2001, my factory was illegally demolished by the Jilin Provincial Government and the Nanguan District Court. The whole factory which was worth more than ten million was all robbed by the government.

In 2002, I sued the government and won in court. However, the government refused to implement the court's decision. I had no choice but to become a petitioner 12 years.

Due to pressure from the Chinese government, I fled to the United States in 2013 and became an international petitioner. Now it has been 18 years, but I still haven’t got the money back.

When I came to the United States, my son was only 12 years old suffering from epilepsy. My husband has heart disease, diabetes, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and HTN. In 2017, I took care of my husband and son's emigration to the United States. The Jilin Provincial Exit-Entry Administration announced that their passports were invalid and they were restricted from leaving the country on the grounds that "I petitioned the United States and caused the Chinese leaders to lose face." From then on, they monitored their place of residence, and regular police officers sought conversations to receive USCIS documents, passports, and identity cards. The latest situation is that they were forced by the police to sign a guarantor pending trial without being informed of the alleged crimes.

For the children's physical and mental health, for our family reunion, and for basic humanitarian care, I earnestly ask the Chinese government and all sectors of the community to look into the experiences of our family and ask the U.S. government, the U.S. Congress, and governments of all countries for help.

Thank you 19/06/2018